“Since I was a child I've internally designed homes and searched for treasures to create vignettes.

I am an observer of people & my surroundings, a connector of others and I always aspire to create genuine relationships.

My favourite feeling is when something speaks to my creative heart or when I have created something that speaks to someone else's.

I am motivated by the places I have travelled and the things that I have not yet experienced.

This isn't a job to me. This is my outlet.”


After working in sales & event marketing positions for many years I made the decision to stop denying my passion for the interiors of homes, use my design education and go for it. In 2010 I returned home from working overseas and started my design career journey. First working in retail of home goods, then at a leading staging company, which led me to co-founding an Interior Design Firm with a colleague. My foundation was made.

In 2016 I decided that it was time for me to venture out on my own and I left our firm to start Kyla Ray Creative. I didn’t have a clear path in mind for KRC, all I knew is that I needed to continue to work for myself and a traditional interior design firm model wouldn’t work for me. So I got my hands in a lot of pots, asked a lot of questions and kept my eyes & ears open.

What became apparent to me is that I am a visual storyteller. Whether I’ve been working on a clients residential home or a display suite the story of who is going to use the space and what is going to be attractive to their specific story is what makes me tick.

I want to help you create & develop your story.



My newest venture is almost ready to launch and I couldn’t be more excited. We the Nomads has been an idea brewing for a while and it is now ready to take flight.

We are slated to launch early 2019 and we want to bring you along on the journey leading up to our launch sign up & follow our journey @wethenomadsstudio