After working in sales & event marketing positions for many years I made the decision to stop denying my passion for the interiors of homes, use my design education and go for it. In 2010 I returned home from working overseas and started my design career journey. First working in retail of home goods, then at a leading staging company, which led me to co-founding an Interior Design Firm with a colleague. My foundation was made.

In 2016 I decided that it was time for me to venture out on my own and I left our firm to start Kyla Ray Creative. I didn’t have a clear path in mind for KRC, all I knew is that I needed to continue to work for myself and a traditional interior design firm model wouldn’t work for me. So I got my hands in a lot of pots, asked a lot of questions and kept my eyes & ears open.  

One of my biggest observations was the amount of inquiries I received from residential clients that had no issues handling the logistics and implementation of their design but struggled with the overarching design direction and overwhelm of choice. These inquiries had other traits in common. They were either new homebuyers or long-term renters; they wanted to start from scratch, had great taste in general but didn’t know how to translate this into their home. Although they had good budgets for furniture the budgets didn’t leave a lot of room for a full scope designer and/or a full scope designer wasn’t necessary. I broke this down and determined that in many of these cases what was needed was a designer to interpret the client’s intrinsic needs for their space, navigate the overwhelming sea choice and hand over visuals, specifications and a clear plan of action. The rest is in the clients’ hands.

So many of my services have gone digital and I am now offering E-Design & Curated Packages exclusively for residential clients. My in-person services will be limited to Creative Collaborations and brands looking for assistance with telling visual stories through photography, video or special events.

Narrowing down on these select services has allowed me to make the time to do more collaborations & editorial work with my peers, which fuels my creative soul. When my creative soul is fed I am a more inspired & effective designer, which allows me space to make KRC more accessible to the end user. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to reveal more as I move along this journey.