Kyla designed and furnished a client’s place that made it very distinguished and tasteful. Her style made this home sell in less than a week for a record price in the building. I would recommend Kyla to anyone looking for some guidance in not only maximizing their space but someone that needs some help with aesthetics and design.


Personally my old way of thinking of staging use to go something like this; leave the pallet neutral, pop in some interest, repeat same colour in different locations and never make it look like someone really lives there. Well, our team is daring to challenge this old way of thinking.

We have been connected, in different capacities, to the staging world for almost nine years and have seen the market go through many changes. With the recent shift in the real-estate market, and the huge shift in marketing in general, we have recognized that something needs to change in the way we stage homes.

Like no other time we are in each other’s lives. We watch people bake in their home kitchens on YouTube, see our favourite lifestyle blogger post an Instagram story of her living room before & after, Pin a million ideas from other people’s homes and gravitate towards connection rather than disconnect. We want to see how one another lives and if how you live makes me feel good I want in.

Our belief is that staging should be styled thoughtfully to tell a visual story of a home. A home that is lived in, a home that has a sense of movement, a home a potential buyer could feel an emotional connection to because, they can imagine this as their home as well as their lifestyle.



Let’s Collaborate!

We also work on show homes & presentation centres and would love to hear about your project.

Kyla helped me with renovations, furniture purchase & interior styling for a condo I was flipping. The sale was (and still is) a record selling price for the building. The guy that purchased the property was very similar in age, demographic & style to me. He saw it and made a competitive offer right away because he could see himself living there.
— Jason Noel PAST CLIENT